The Plumm Room is designed and inspired by the journey of Plumm.

The Plumm team believes that wine is for everyone and that enjoying it is your right rather than your privilege. Plumm is born and bred in Australia, family owned with a young, innovative team passionate about wine glassware. Plumm glassware was developed in consultation with the world’s leading winemakers, sommeliers, wine judges and writers, Plumm’s five innovative and beautiful glasses are all you need to enjoy any style of wine. Belvedere is proud to serve wines exclusively in Plumm glassware and is excited to present the first ever Plumm Room. Come along and experience Belvedere and Plumm!

The Plumm Chandelier featured in the Belvedere Bar N Grill dining room is designed by young Melbourne industrial designer, Jean-Pierre Biasol.

For more information about Plumm glasses visit the Plumm website.

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